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I began writing songs as early as high school, but, during my time at Indiana University, I was able to delve deeper into the subject and further my love for songwriting and composition, specifically for musical theatre. 


I crafted my own Individualized Minor in Musical Theatre Composition with the following principle of coherence: acquiring a multi-faced appreciation for Musical Theatre, specifically by understanding and developing the skills for its composition - and for me, that meant music, lyrics, and book. 

"Any Way You Slice It"
is a New One-Act Musical that I wrote for my capstone project at IU. It's a slice-of-life musical offering a look inside life at a small, family-owned pizzeria named Casalini's. The story follows a mother and daughter, Cara and Mia, exploring the parallels of their dreams vs. their realities, all while encompassing the meaning of legacy, tradition, food and art in an Italian family. 
COMPLETE SCRIPT AND PV SCORE - Next steps are to create demo recordings and find a location and talent for a first reading.
If interested, please inquire:
"Things I Couldn't Say"
My next project is an exploratory song cycle that highlights moments in life where we find ourselves unable to articulate the emotions we're experiencing. "Things I Couldn't Say" explores love and loss, fear and brazenness, and asks the question of how we as humans can honestly communicate with each other and foster empathy in an age where technology makes it increasingly harder to do so.   

I expect the 1st Draft of Score by Summer 2024. It's unlike anything I've ever written before and I'm beyond excited and eager to share this music with you. 

My Projects

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