Coming Soon!


I began writing songs as early as high school, but, during my time at Indiana University, I was able to delve deeper into the subject and further my love for songwriting and composition, specifically for musical theatre. 


I crafted my own Individualized Minor in Musical Theatre Composition with the following principle of coherence: acquiring a multi-faced appreciation for Musical Theatre, specifically by understanding and developing the skills for its composition - and for me, that meant music, lyrics, and book. 

For my capstone project, I wrote a New One-Act Musical titled "Any Way You Slice It", which I'm working on getting demo recordings for at the moment.

My next project, titled "Things I Couldn't Say", is an exploratory song cycle that highlights moments throughout life filled with such emotion that words fail, and, instead, music speaks. 

Once the pandemic passes, I'm planning to do some readings and workshops with friends and will be posting the resulting footage on here, so stay tuned!